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Tyler Smith & Associates brings our clients a unique understanding of business ownership and knowledge about the issues facing the rural business community.  Our clients generally think of us as their own local in-house general counsel and on-call attorneys because we get to know our clients and help them through their personal and business legal issues.  We ca​n handle major litigation or small legal matters, contracts, real estate transactions, probate and custom estate planning.  We frequently handle civil rights, landlord-tenant and administrative law matters. We frequently represent clients in matters before or against government agencies and we have an excellent record in court. Our clients want an attorney that is highly respected in the legal and business community, but who also has the ability to walk into court with a track record of success.  Your business is our business! Whether a family business, LLC, S-Corp, non-profit, political action committee or just an investment business venture, we guide our clients with advanced planning before problems arise, through negotiation, or vigorous litigation when necessary.
 Call us or come by to find out how we can help you!
We serve all of our clients with the utmost respect, competence, and diligence without sacrificing integrity or economic common sense.  But we also focus on giving you straight, up front advice on your situation.
Practice areas include:
  • Land use, real estate transactons, and property law;
  • Landlord/Tenant law;
  • Oregon administrative law, license issues, hearings and appeals;
  • Litigation and negotiation;
  • Oregon election law, constitutional law, free speech, defense of your rights!;
  • Employment law, entity formation, governance;
  • Business transactions, sales/service contracts etc.;
  • Wills, trusts, probate disputes and estate planning matters;
  • Municipal and government law; and
  • Many other special areas.

    We are known for our th
    orough approach, feel free to call us and discuss your issue.
The focus of our firm is on business law which includes land use, real estate law, administrative law, contract litigation, landlord tenant, document drafting, buy sell agreements, business sales, estate planning, and a lot more as explained below.  We can take care of the legal needs for you so you can focus on what you do best--your business.  We will customize a service to help solve your problem.

Many legal problems are unique, one of a kind situations. We promise you will receive the personalized service you deserve. You deserve to have an attorney on your side that you can trust to give you good legal advice, be honest and not waste your time or money while still looking at your situation from all perspectives.  This is why we call ourselves "Rural Business Attorneys". We understand where you are coming from. 
We understand the special circumstances that face family farms, small businesses and property owners. We know how unforseen legal problems can wipe out your profit. Our law firm understands the unique legal situations that arise in small towns and the challenges that come with business or land ownership. We would love to help you with those issues.
We take pride in representing our clients from the rural parts of Oregon as well as our local clients from Portland and the Willamette Valley. Our lawyers know the frustration you can feel when your issue is fought in a far away city, or decided by a government agency you are not familiar with, where the needs of the local community seem to be forgotten. That is why our clients return to us over and over again.  These are a few of the reasons why we love to serve many small communities that other high powered firms ignore and why we plan to continue to dedicate our successful approach to helping our clients win.
Land use approvals, property disputes, and development.


Our law firm can guide you along a complex or simple property disputes or real estate transaction. We can walk you through development approvals or property disputes even if it is EFU or Ag. land. The goal here is to minmize costs, and avoid litigation while making sure your assets and investment is protected and your interests are secure. We can represent you at the local level in your home town and at the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) if necessary. You won't find anyone that cares more about land use issues than the attorneys at our firm.

Business matters, entity formation, corporate structure, trademark or trade secrets.
Your business is as important to us as it is to you. Whether you are a sole proprieter or a well established business, we can serve your needs. You don't need to be a billion dollar company to deserve quality legal help to preserve what you have built. Don't get tied up by fear or the government regulations. Click here to see a few of our more recent and high profile successes.
Municipal Law- Administrative Law
Do you need to challenge legislation or a government decision? We frequently work with cities, counties, boards or commissions when there are disputes about whether a person or a government agency has followed the proper rules and regulations. You do need someone that understands the Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR's) structure. We know how to manage that process for you. There may be simple solutions to your complex problems. What happens when you get a civil investigative demand? Should you sign an agreement of voluntary complaince (AVC)? If you find yourself in that situation, you need to call us.
More Practice Areas:
Please Review our About Us page for more practice areas, publications and service details inlcuding information on Trustee Service, Trust Deeds, Non-Profit Corporate Guidance, Mediation, Business Sales, Employment law, farm and agricultural law, foreclosure, liens, construction, civil rights, fines, or defense.
Real estate transactions, contracts, landlord-tenant services.

Oregon real estate law and Oregon landlord tenant law can be minefields for the unwary. We can guide you on one time real estate transactions or be your go-to team for ongoing property matters.

Oregon election law.

We can advise you on initiative petition matters or election law during your campaign or help you preserve your rights against laws or adminstrative rules that infringe on you. We care deeply about public meetings laws, fair and honest government and protecting local rights.  You won't find many attorneys in Oregon that know more about election law that our attorneys do. We handle initiatives, referendums, ballot titles, political campaigns, election law and more.


Corporate Counsel.

Often full time legal staff may cost too much for your organization. Our legal services are available with creative pricing for all levels of part time involvement with your company to answer your occassional call for legal assistance.

​​Recruiting law, Non-Compete agreements, and employment restrictions.

With a former career building some of the world's most elite technology teams, we understand competitive employment.
Please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff or attorneys. Tyler Smith is the founder and managing attorney but any of the other attorneys or our administrative staff would love to talk with you. We don't charge you for the time it takes to figure out if we can help you, so call us to tell us about your situation.  We can then set up an initial consultation or get started. 


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